Avoid Mail Order Bride Scams

Seeking romance in a foreign land is a process many men from America, as well as Canada and the UK, are starting to participate in. However, the same men are learning that using a so-called "mail-order-bride" service comes with some inherent risks.

A Foreign Affair, one of the top international dating agencies in the world, is fully aware of these risks. The company not only acknowledges these risks publically, but works incredibly hard to do everything they can to eliminate the potential for scams within their company.

The fact that A Foreign Affair is an online-only service with no print catalogue of women is a very good sign to begin with. If you find a dating service that only offers a print catalogue, do not use it. That process does not allow the men and women to learn anything about each other in a personal, communicative way; it's more like you are just shopping through a catalogue for a product.

A Foreign Affair's website is like any other dating site. You can browse the profiles, view photographs, learn information about each person, and start communicating online right then and there. Having a website also gives you constant, up-to-date information about what the company is planning, tours they have schedule, free seminars, and the newest profiles.

But having a website isn't enough; there is still the potential that a scam can occur when thousands of men and women are communicating through the website and AFA services. In response to this situation, A Foreign Affair offers extensive education about the industry, the reality of international dating, and how to detect and avoid a mail order bride scam.

Many people have a skewed perspective on the industry, but companies like A Foreign Affair have pushed the boundaries and brought international dating into a safer, more respectable perspective.