American Television: A Serious Problem For American Women

What are American women (and young girls) watching on TV which shapes their mindset? It is not pretty or accurate. It appeals to purient interests for shock impact.. There is no journalistic integrity or value, other than base production designed to increase Neilson ratings and satisfy demographic sponsors. The bar is continually “raised” because of competition among the networks such as Bravo or Oxygen.

So what is the demographic for these ridiculous shows? They broadcast in the PM when obese women are lying down eating Ben and Jerry’s from the carton! Ugh! Oh, America.

So, what chance does a sincere agency like AFA have to distribute their message? Although it is true and well meaning, it does and will always lack the shock value sought by these producers and networks.

To prove to yourself the truth of this, simply view some of the shows listed below (if you can stand it). I suggest having some Pepto on hand.



Mean Girls Club

Millionaire Matchmaker

Jerry Springer

The Real Housewives of ____

16 and Pregnant

Jersey Shore

Keeping Up with the Kardashians


Khloe & Lamar


Toddlers and Tiaras – give me a freakin’ break! Let’s have the obese moms compete.

Wendy Williams