Ukrainian Women: What They Think About Ukrainian Men

I’m going to share something personal with you that may help you to understand why these beautiful, kind women are eager to meet a reliable, monogamous, kind American guy – age, looks and finances aside. It may be hard to believe, but here it is from her heart. By the way, things did not work out for us. I hope this helps you. Thanks.

Dear Bob,

Thank you very much for your reply! I want to say that I was impatiently waiting for it and you made me very happy today. This is true. I’m happy that my letter touched your heart and the life gave us a chance to meet each other and know each other better.

I will be very happy to continue and develop our relations. I’m happy to hear that you had been to Ukraine before!!! It’s great that you have a desire to come back very soon! May be it will be a good chance for us to meet each other? What do you think about this? Let’s continue our communication and know each other better! I will put my heart and soul into my letters, Bob. So, you will know me better very soon! I also hope to feel your heart and your soul in your letters!

I have serious intentions to meet a my special one. Ukrainian men are very selfish. They are ladies’ man. I want to meet a kind honest romantic man who will love me and value me. I want to feel his stronger shoulder. Do you understand me? I think family should be built on love and trust. Unfortunately Ukrainian men think just about themselves. I know it’s not so easy to meet your special man here but I will try. If I meet my beloved and he’ll live in other country I’m ready to move to a new place. What about you? Why are you are registered on this site? How do you see your future family? Will you spoil your wife with love and attention, Bob? I‘m impatiently waiting for your reply!!!