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A Foreign Affair Scams Do Not Exist

There are people who claim that the international dating agency, A Foreign Affair, is involved in scamming its clients.

These claims are completely not true; A Foreign Affair is NOT a scam . On the contrary, A Foreign Affair goes above and beyond to proactively find and eliminate any bad behavior on their website or within their services. This includes any suspicious behavior involving their affiliate offices or the clients on the website. If an AFA member is found to be involved in a scam, the company immediately terminates their account with the company.

A Foreign Affair has built FULL TEAMS of employees whose one-and-only job is to contact the women to make sure there is no suspicious behavior. The team personally calls the female AFA members, talks to them in person, and makes sure any activity they had on the website was actually them. Itís rare that the teams find a problem, but itís important they find and solve the ones that are few and far between.

AFA scams do not exist, considering the amount of time and energy the company and its owners put into eliminating them. Not only is their website completely full with information about common red flags of a mail order bride scam and ways to avoid them, the president and vice president have even developed multiple video blogs explaining how they go about preventing and eliminating scams.

A Foreign Affair has been successful since 1995, they have an impeccable record on the Better Business Bureau, and most importantly, the president and vice president of the company are available to talk with anyone who calls. They will gladly talk with anyone who has concerns and answer questions about our methods of scam prevention.

No matter what agency you choose, there are inherent risks within international dating, some of which involved mail order bride scams. If you are seriously interested in meeting the woman of your dreams in another country, be sure to visit A Foreign Affairís website, LoveMe.com, and learn about the ways they will keep you safe and introduce you to the women you are wanting to meet.

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