If She Asks For Money It Is Probably A Scam

A Foreign Affair offers extensive education and information on ways men canavoid mail order bride scams when participating in international dating.

By sharing their 17+ years of knowledge with anyone who is interested in it, AFA is helping the world at large begin to understand the process of international dating and how the most common scams can occur. To learn more about this, the company, or the information itself, please visit LoveMe.com

One of the main topics AFA focuses on within the subject of mail order bride scams is the most common red flags to look out for. An example of this is the behavior of the women you are communicating with through the website, particularly any requests they may be making. If you make a connection with a woman and she very quickly asks to visit you in the United States, that is a common red flag. In this situation, A Foreign Affair suggests that you offer to travel to HER country instead. When a woman asks a man to come to the US very quickly after meeting, she may be trying to get money out of you or get a free plane ticket to the US. If you suggest travelling to HER country and she is suddenly not interested, it's time to move on. If she sounds excited about it, go forward from there but keep your eyes peeled. If she was trying to scam you, she will most likely just move on.

Another red flag A Foreign Affair teaches to look for occurs when a woman directly asks for financial help. Obviously this depends on how well you know the woman and how long you have been in touch, but if a woman from another country asks you for money shortly after first meeting, it is most likely a scam. Whether its just money she needs, a present for someone she knows, or a plane ticket to come visit you, she is most likely a scammer if you have just met recently.

A Foreign Affair cannot prevent all women with bad intentions from joining their website; that is simply unrealistic. What AFA can do is prevent scams from happening through different methods of education and proactive prevention. A Foreign Affair has teams of people whose only job is to call members of the agency to make sure there is no suspicious behavior going on. This, on top of their fast-acting customer service department and education content, makes A Foreign Affair one of the safest and most respectable international dating agencies in the world.

To learn more about A Foreign Affair, their anti-scam policies, and the ways they proactively eliminate mail order bride scams, visit LoveMe.com.