This blog site is intended to be a convenient place for men who are sincerely interested in international dating for the purpose of marriage. All are free to express opinions and comments as well as pose questions. The monitor of the site, Bob Wray will do his best to provide informed answers where appropriate. As interest grows other individuals are free to submit responses as well.

Of course we want to ensure that the content remains on topic and that inappropriate posts are not included. To this end, advertisements, links and material that is not within these guidelines will be deleted. That said, you are encouraged to communicate and enjoy the valuable information that will surely accumulate here.

Here is some background on the admin of the site.
Robert A. Wray is a successful author of computer programming textbooks. A Man’s Field Guide to Dating is his first publication in the self-help category and is available at Amazon in Kindle format. He has been a public school teacher, college instructor and spent several years as a consultant and trainer before founding netImage, a web design firm. He then worked for IBM. Today he directs international tours. Bob is single and spends his leisure time at the beach, swing dancing, playing guitar and working out. He also enjoys skiing, sailing and, of course, dating. He is currently working on a dating guide for women.

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