Kharkov May 27

Kharkov 5-27

Ah, Sunday in the Ukraine. Many citizens must work on Saturday, so this day is special to families and others. However, that does not stop our clients from setting up dates from the social last night or calls made by the staff to other ladies in our catalog and on the site.

At the hotel, it is rare to see a guy enjoying a cup of coffee and having a conversation about how great the social was (although it was great). Everyone seems to be busy on dates. It’s fun to listen to the many stories, most just fine, some not so much. But that’s the way it goes. There is plenty of opportunity, but at the end of the day we are all responsible for our own happiness. It’s a bit of carpe diem. Most of the guys have taken advantage of what is readily available.

What is interesting is that preconceived expectations do not always match up with reality, once on tour. Also, the process enables guys to learn much about themselves and what is really important. Often it is not a 23 year old “super model”, but a good hearted lady who only wants to make the right man happy. Don’t misunderstand, beauty abounds and appears to endure for many years. It’s only an observation you may wish to consider.

And so it goes. We now have one city and social under our belt and head for Poltava early Monday morning. Since the social will be on Monday evening, it will be a bit hectic. There will be surely more tomorrow. Again, we all wish you were here with us to enjoy this wonderful experience.

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