Scams – Can it happen to you?

Scams – Can it happen to you?
The definition of a scam is a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people. Can it occur anywhere including in America? Of course it can. Remember Bernie Madoff?
If someone is going to scam, the victim must believe that what is being presented is too good to pass up. In the case of an attractive lady while on an AFA tour this would be the illusion or unexpressed belief that the lady is truly interested romantically. This is probably in the victim’s mind.
Please understand something. Although I have seen it, it is extremely rare. The AFA girls that attend the socials and have their profile on the site are only looking for marriage.
What can you do to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you? It is very easy to ignore . A combination of solid advice from the AFA staff and common sense will carry the day.
My experience is that this occurs between younger girls and older clients. No matter what you imagine, the end result will not be an intense romantic occasion or even a kiss on the cheek.
Here are some of the “red flags”.
A request to dine at an expensive restaurant.
A request to bring along a “friend”
A request to go shopping.
A lengthy cab ride to the other end of town.
Endless letters promising love and sex.
What is obvious is a request for money for a variety of reasons. A sick relative, rent due, etc. NEVER send money unless you are engaged and on the way to a K1 visa.
So what is a guy supposed to do under any of these circumstances? Please understand that there is no shortage of well meaning quality women everywhere that AFA goes.
Simply say, “I’m not comfortable with that” and move on. Other than the great support you can expect from the AFA staff, rely on your common sense and you will be fine.
Remember what I said earlier, this is extremely rare. Relax and have fun but remember you are the commodity, not the women as in America.
As always, best of luck and do not let this rare issue prevent you from seeking a quality life partner.
Bob Wray