A Tip about using foreignbrideguide.com


A Tip about using foreignbrideguide.com
The over 200 postings I have placed on this blog have one purpose – to provide you with as much information as possible in order to insure your success.
I try to post several times a week as issues come up or I think of something that might help. Bud Patterson (foreignbride101.com) and I do not do this for compensation, but to try to help you.
I began this blog in May, 2012. Since you already know how to reach the blog, I encourage you to scan to the bottom of any page and view the Archives. There you will find the monthly postings to read at your leisure. Naturally, not every posting will be of interest to you, but many will be.
As always, I wish you success in your journey.
Bob Wray

3 Critical Steps For Sustaining Your International Courtship by Bud Patterson


Our friend and International Dating expert, Bud Patterson has just posted a great piece on his blog, foreignbride101.com. I am quoting it here so as many see it as possible. Thoughts to consider on your journey. As always, I wish you the best.

Bob Wray

3 Critical Steps For Sustaining Your International Courtship

     I’m in the business of international relationships. It’s not the same as international relations, mind you.  I don’t manage the communications and expectations countries have of each other. Be very thankful for that. Honestly, I would suck at that.  No, my forte is a two-step process where I first convince guys to travel to other countries in search of a life-mate and then do my best to support them as they cultivate love, get a fiancée visa for their girl, bring her to the States and get married – and then hopefully live happily ever after.

If you scour the internet for information on international relationships, you’ll find lots of good stuff on foreign women, how to meet single Ukrainian girls, why so many single Chinese women are searching for foreign husbands, and the like. There’s virtually nothing on what happens after an American man and a single Ukrainian girl meet and fall in love. All the resources are there to get you on the plane and out in front of women – which is good – but once you fall in love, that’s when you’ll need the most support as you forge ahead together toward relocation and marriage.  How do you keep the love you’ve started?  How do you build from there and not lose your momentum across the distance?  How do two people hold on to what they have while in the fiancée visa process?  Here are three tips to help your international relationship endure.

1.     This really is the most important tip:  BE READY TO SUCCEED.  A lot of men and women join international relationship websites not knowing what to expect.  That’s natural.  They look at this exercise as akin to playing the lottery; if you don’t play you can’t win. Most people who play the lottery don’t actually think through the details of how to spend every dime if they do end up with the winning digits.  Most men and women in the international relationship search don’t actually think through what will happen when they do meet someone and fall in love.  Guys – YOU NEED TO DO THIS.  Are you prepared for someone in your life?  Are your finances in order?  Is your life stable?  Do you own a house or have a decent savings account and some investments aside for emergencies?  Is your vehicle reliable?  Do you have insurance that will cover a dependent woman and her (possible) child? Can you afford to travel back and forth once or twice after meeting and falling in love?  If you’re going to sustain what you start, you’re going to need to be green-light-go on the above.  Are you ready?

2.     ESTABLISH CONSTANT COMMUNICATION.  I’ve joked about how my good friend, Bob Wray, calls the plane ride back to the States after meeting and falling in love the “Trail of Tears.” The last thing you want, after investing so much money and emotion in finding someone – and accomplishing just that – is to lose contact with her when you get back stateside. There is no reason for that to happen if you embrace the technology and resources available to you.  I am always amazed when clients tell me “I’m not much of a computer guy.”  I always think, “Wow – how did you manage to find an internet-based international dating site, then?” There are wireless chat and call apps you can download on your smart phone like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber, and of course social media sites like FaceBook, VK and the like.  There are translation apps like GoogleTranslate and WorldLens to help you interpret messages.  Get a good smart phone and use it!  If you do, there’s no reason your communication can be constant every day. Imagine every morning you both wake to messages, voice-memos, pictures or emails from one another.  That’s how you keep love alive.

3.     START THE FIANCÉE VISA PROCESS AS SOON AS REASONABLY POSSIBLE.  Getting a fiancée visa for your girl is going to take an average of 4 – 6 months depending on where you live here in the States, and what country she is from.  If we could get on a plane and go abroad, meet a lot of single international ladies, fall in love and bring our girl back to the States with us, most girl wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.  To find your foreign bride, falling in love is definitely going to be part of the deal. Remember – THERE REALLY ARE NO MAIL-ORDER-BRIDES!  But thousands of very nice men and women find one another and fall in love via international relationship dating sites all the time.  You will need time to build your love and prepare for a future together.


The K-1 Fiancée Visa processing time allows couples to build on their beginning, but too much time apart may create too much of a gap for women to keep faith. So, have a plan, use your resources and get your fiancée visa documents out to the State Department in good order.

The useful features on loveme.com – Tips

The useful features on loveme.com – Tips
Loveme.com has a wealth of information to help you with your search for an international bride. There are many video blogs and testimonials. However, I’d like to focus on two features.
If you look at the links at the top of the homepage, you will notice “Foreign Women’s Profiles” and “Search Engine”.
Under “Foreign Women’s Profiles”, every Wednesday evening AFA posts new, recent profiles of women who have provided their information in the hope of establishing a relationship, perhaps with you!
In the week from August 24 through August 30, 234 new profiles were presented.  These new profiles come from any of the countries where AFA offers tours.
What is compelling about these profiles is that, given they are new, they have not received letters or attended a social in all likelihood.
At the bottom of the list, you can view new profiles from the previous 4 or 5 weeks.
Other services available here include women who have email contact and videos.
Make viewing the new profiles from the country of your choice each week a habit.
Let’s consider the powerful “Search Engine”. It can be used if you have not decided ladies from which part of the world appeal to you – Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe.
The engine will allow you to focus using age, weight, height, children and other useful criteria.
Once you have established your personal criteria, you can use the search engine to narrow your selection. It is very easy to use. At the bottom you will find not only countries, but cities once you have chosen a tour that interests you.
Use these tools to discover ladies of interest, but remember – nothing will happen until you get on a plane and meet them in person.
Bob Wray

Season 4 of “90 Day Fiancée

Season 4 of “90 Day Fiancée” will premier on TLC at 8 EST tonight (Monday, 9/22).


If it is anything like the previous 3 seasons, you should watch as it provides lessons on NOT what to do! In the past most of the problems occurred because the couples did not take the time to reveal and understand the details about what awaits them in America.

TLS often repeats these episodes, however I suggest that you DVR or TiVo the episodes. I assume there will be 9 or 10 episodes going forward.

Anything you can do to increase your understanding is worthwhile.

Bob Wray