A Five Point Strategy for Success – A Valuable Replay


A Five Point Strategy for Success – A Valuable Replay


I first posted this on June 10th. One of the problems with foreignbrideguide.com is that it is a challenge to locate former posts.

I believe that this post offers much for you, so I am re-posting it for you. Please read it and  take it to heart.

One other thing. You will never find that special someone with letters only. You must get on a plane and meet many beautiful ladies – never one!

Letters are a tool as I say below. Please use it to achieve success. However, if you enjoy writing letters before you travel (I admit that I did), please consider the Platinum program. You will significantly lower your costs and there are many other benefits which you can understand by reading the description on loveme.com. Not only that but I will contact you with a compelling offer.


 First – As the ancient Greeks said – “know thyself”. It has been said that these are the most important two words ever spoken. It is not easy. It is doubtful that we are honest about this. It requires impartial thought. If you are successful then you can assemble a reasonable criteria for your future life partner. Stick to it as you encounter the many beautiful women on A Foreign Affair.

 Second – Then do all you can to educate yourself about the process. Other than this blog, your best source is loveme.com. It would take you weeks to completely study and understand all that is offered on the site. Learn to use the many features and be certain to complete the free registration. Also, be certain to dial in to the regular Monday night calls. The easy instructions to do so can be found on the home page of loveme.com. You can just listen and learn or ask any questions you may have. Continue educating yourself – I still do.

 Third – Examine the many cultures offered through A Foreign Affair – Asia, Latin America and Europe. Look at some of the more than 40,000 profiles and decide what appeals to you. Once you decide, do all you can to understand about the culture. It will serve you well when you finally decide to join the very small percentage of men who actually travel to their selected destination. As you review the beautiful women you can encounter in your preferred country try to match these to the many romance tours offered. Of course other options such as the Executive Program and individual tours are available as well.

 Fourth – Once you have selected a country, try to identify the cities included on the romance tour and identify several women that meet your criteria and appeal to you. Rather than write endless letters and engage in a month’s long “pen- pal” situation, save your money towards a future trip.

 Fifth – When you have booked your tour or individual travel, then select a few ladies in each city and write letters to each. It is very important that you state in the subject line that you will soon be in their city. This really sets you apart from the many letters she may receive. You can include as much detail about your plans in the body of the note as you wish. Let her know that you will have the local office contact her once you arrive. NEVER TRAVEL TO ONLY MEET ONE LADY! Perhaps you will meet her and there is not the chemistry you seek either way. What will you do then? Of course if you are on a romance tour with the socials you may encounter a woman where all the pieces are in place. I have seen this several times, but it is rare. You can also look through the catalogs and ask for the help of the office. However, there is no assurance that the lady is available or is interested in meeting you.

 The two most important factors in success are age and children.

 Match your age to the many ladies you will have the opportunity to meet. There will be very attractive women under the age of 25 that will be happy to have a nice meal or even go shopping. However, a woman this young has very little life experience. It is my experience that a woman who is 21 and a domestic woman of the same age are not that different. As the song says “Girls just want to have fun”. You are very serious in your search for a life partner. Have fun if you wish, but please understand if she is not in your generation and you are older than her parents, the odds are not in your favor. A difference of 15 years can work. There are exceptions of course, but they are exceptional.


This is a huge issue. You must have an opinion about it. You don’t need to express that opinion on the first date, but it’s just good to have one for a number of reasons. The older you are, the more critical the issue becomes. Many women are already mothers. It is very rare to find a mature woman who has no children. How do you feel about this? If you are absolutely certain that it is unacceptable, fine. Just have an opinion. You cannot expect to seriously date a woman with children without your lives becoming intertwined. It is something you must accept. They are a package deal. Of course, they may have an involved father. That’s a whole other program. Some guys love the idea of a built-in family. There is a lot of complexity here. We are just asking you to give it serious thought. There is no sense starting down the road with a woman with children if you are not going to be able to deal with them.

If you have children, you have a challenge as well. Your dates are going to have to have this information fairly soon. It could go either way for you. We do not recommend that you introduce a woman to your kids until well into a relationship. It is not fair to the kids or to her. Children bond easily. You are probably divorced, so they are already going through a lot. They don’t need to get attached to your lady, only to have you move on in a few weeks. Keep your dating and your fathering separate. Also, make sure that your fathering comes first. We know this is tough, but that’s what good Dads (and real men) do.

As childless women approach their late thirties many of them begin to panic. You have heard of the ticking “biological clock,” no doubt. While medical science is doing incredible things with reproduction, there are serious problems for a woman at this stage of life. The longer she waits, the less likely it is that she will conceive. There are procedures to help, but they are expensive and marginally successful. Additionally, later pregnancies carry more risk for the baby and the mother. What does all this mean? It has an impact on dating. Time is now an issue for these women. They must find the right guy who will be a good husband and father and want to have children right away. That’s a lot of pressure. You need to be aware and sensitive to this when you are involved with her. The dating cycle is compressed. She will not be willing to give you several years to make up your mind. Also, you need to be fair and not trifle with her affections if you are not prepared to move at a faster pace. As always, honesty and communication go a long way. You will have to have frank discussions fairly early on. Another consideration is that some women in this position might behave more desperately than they would have ten years ago. You must take this into consideration.

If you are certain that you do not want children — that is your right. You will severely limit the pool of women who will be willing to seriously date you. It is something you will have to accept. If you really mean what you say, get a vasectomy. It is a very simple procedure — it just sounds bad. There is a reversal procedure that has a percentage of success, but it is expensive. You should postpone such a serious decision until your thirties. Of course, you will have to communicate this to any woman you get serious about. There are women who are very serious about their careers or who don’t want to be moms for other reasons. There are just not that many of them. She may have elected to have a tubal ligation, which will prevent her from conceiving.

If you are younger and are not a father now, your options are wide open. You have time. You can date whom you please. Know this — most women want to be mothers. It’s a natural fact. You don’t have to face this right away, but once things get serious it will come up. Here is where you should have an opinion. Do you want them at all? Do you want them sooner or later? How many? It is best to have a general idea of what you eventually want. It shows responsibility on your part. That is always attractive to women.

If there is a man in her past that had a significant relationship with her, you may have to contend with some fallout. He could be an ex-husband, a former fiancée or even a long-term boyfriend. If there are no children involved, she should have resolved all their issues before getting involved with someone else. This is a good measure of her emotional health and maturity. If the ties are still in place — watch out. You want a clear field. You deserve it. Sometimes she will still be in contact with his parents and family.Courtesy and civility are one thing. Spending Christmas with this guy and his family is another. Children are an entirely different matter. Understand something very clearly. Kids always come first. If she is a mom, then she is a mom first and your girlfriend second. It has to be that way. Those kids may have an involved dad and he has to be big part of their lives. That may make him a big part of your life if you get serious with her. This is a package deal. It is not an easy road. That doesn’t make it impossible. It will take a lot of maturity, commitment and patience on your part to make things work. Maybe she is worth it. Also, you need to accept his family as part of the kids’ lives. They may be in-laws from Hell. You will have to be accommodating and pleasant in order for the kids to maintain their involvement with his folks.

If you are a dad, then you can reverse engineer the last paragraph. She has to be willing to embrace the whole program. Kids require constant care and attention until they are adults. They will always be a part of your lives as adults. Think very carefully about all of this. That cute little five-year old will be arguing with his mom for the car in eleven short years. By the way, how will things work if the two of you have one or two kids of your own? Will all things be equal for all the kids — yours, mine and ours? The Brady Bunch was just a TV show. Be very careful.


3 Ways To Make Yourself More Desirable To Thai Women

1. Dump Any Preconceived Notions About Thai Women:

You’d be surprised how many guys meet a foreign girl and get off to great start in courtship only to completely kill their momentum entirely with a few ignorant words. By ignorant, I mean things that are simply said without a true understanding of culture, intentions, habits, and life circumstances of foreign ladies, etc. Much of what we believe about Thai women is taught us by the media and is often short-sighted or just wrong. Also, we read a lot of misinformation on the bathroom walls of the internet. I can’t tell you how many times a guy mistook typical behavior on the part of a Thai girl for some kind of scam he’d heard about on the internet, only to realize too late he misjudged. An example of this would be the common misconception that Thai girls will willingly Skype right away with a foreign guy if sincerely interested in getting to really know him. Lots of guys pressure foreign girls to Skype right at the beginning of communication, right after making an introduction in correspondence. There are two problems with this. One: Many women live with their families for economic reasons and have a lack of privacy. Two: 95% of guys who Skype, chat, write letters and such will never get on a plane and go anywhere to meet anyone. Because of the latter, foreign girls will balk at Skyping from home where family members will overhear. That will cause too many questions and lots of potentially unnecessary concern if the two of you never meet. There are other assumptions we make about foreign women before we understand their culture and circumstances. Do your best to start this journey with an open mind and learn the realities as you go along. Thai women will Skype and chat and email – they just want to get to know you first.

2. Accommodate The Language Barrier:

Unless you’ve an eye toward the Philippines where most girls will speak English, if you’re going to court foreign women in their country, you’re going to have to accommodate the language barrier. That means you’ll need to find and pay for proper translation services. This needn’t be expensive nor break anyone’s bank, but failure to do so will simply confuse and possibly offend your foreign girl. Look, you made the decision to meet women from another country. You can imagine how foreign girls think of men who travel to their country to meet them, court them, seduce them – and expect to do all of that over Google Translate on a laptop. Sure, there are lots of apps and devices that can help out in a pinch but you’re not going to impress your girl if you’re the only couple in a crowded restaurant pecking keys on a laptop instead of talking naturally. If you’re using an international marriage agency, call them and ask for ways to save money without losing your effectiveness. Realize that one of the reasons Thai girls use an agency to help them with their life-mate search is because that agency will provide some means for translation.

3. Create A Great Profile For Yourself:

As you decide how to make the right first impression and set up your online profile, here are a few tips to consider. Your photo is the single most important part of your online profile – choose wisely! I’m always amazed that men will roll out of bed, shave half their face, take a picture while they still look pretty rough – and that will be the picture they post on their online profile. Considering Thai ladies may or may not be able to read what you write to describe yourself, your picture is the first and best impression of who you are. Make a positive one. That so goes without saying. Take a bunch of pics in different places. Have your friend help out. Now, choose what you write carefully. Keep it positive and upbeat. Don’t mention sex. Don’t mention stereotypes. Don’t mention the Red Light District. That is so unnecessary. Just write a happy representation of yourself and what you’re looking for. Add a nice picture and you’re already way ahead of the competition.

Thai women do read men’s’ profiles carefully and they look for self-respecting, positive-thinking, tender and romantic expressions. Keep an open mind, be prepared to accommodate her inability to speak English at first – this is tantamount to holding the door for her – and make your profile one any foreign girl would like to respond to. These are the best practices you can count on to make the right first impression.

Lonely girls in Mariupol


Here is a Thanksgiving present from Bud and AFA. These are girls from Mariupol who would love your attention. Although no Romance tours are scheduled there, AFA can easily arrange a club tour for you. Also, if all goes well, she could meet you in a more convenient city.

At any rate, have a happy Thanksgiving, and pledge that you will spend it with a special someone in 2016.

Marina (154866)  Juliya (145534)  Marina (142783)  Snezha (158107)  Oksana (150419)  Elena (141725)  Ekaterina (149530)  Yana (155912) Tatiana (152023)  Ekaterina (152034)  Marina (150039)   Elena (157331)  Irina (157978) Elena (154385)  Inna (138589)  Yuliya (159570)  Elena (143087)  Yulia (155990)  Olga (138596)  Juliya (140871)

5 Incredible Reasons You Will Fall In Love In Thailand

5 Incredible Reasons You Will Fall In Love In Thailand


Do yourself a favor and view John Adam’s great video blog with five beautiful girls from Bangkok, Thailand. You can find it on the “AFA Webcast” in the center of loveme.com in dark blue.

What is great about this blog is that the girls are very forthcoming about many issues as well as answering John’s questions. If you find this interesting, take a look at the January 14, 2016 tours to Bangkok. There are several, depending on the amount of time you wish to stay. Not only that, but AFA has reduced the price of the tour as much as $500!

So, if these ladies and this country appeals to you make your plans now and place a $450 open reservation or just book the tour. If the winter weather in your area is depressing after the holidays, why not enjoy yourself in this beautiful country? Many clients have gotten engaged or married to these beautiful and exotic ladies.

Good luck,


Profiles – The Girl Next Door vs. The Super Model

Profiles – The Girl Next Door vs. The Super Model

AFA offers you over 45,000 profiles of beautiful ladies from all over the world. In order for a profile to be accepted the offices must adhere to certain standards for your protection. However, as far as the profiles the ladies are free to say what the wish in their description and submit their own photos. As long as they do not border on nudity they will be accepted.

Here is where you need to have some perspective. Please consider that the vast majority of these women will never have an opportunity to meet anyone. This is simply a matter of the numbers. They are all in your favor. As long as you are one of the less than 5% of clients who will actually travel to meet them you can take advantage of this demographic. It turns the domestic situation on its head.

The competition among the women is severe, so naturally they want to put their best foot forward to encourage your interest. There is nothing wrong with this, but it can take a variety of forms.

When you see an alluring profile of a very beautiful woman who has flawless makeup and luxurious clothes, you need to think this through. Perhaps she is posing next to a sports car or at a resort. Perhaps her photos are very revealing. Look what she says in her description. Does she like to travel and shop? Is she looking for a man who is generous? All of these may be red flags.

On the other hand, because of the competition, she may be trying too hard. There is no way to judge her sincerity and expectations through a profile.

As an alternative, let’s consider a well-meaning “girl next door” type. What a girl like this offers is probable sincerity, faithfulness and the desire to be a great wife and mother (if that’s what she wants). I have an example for you. Take a look at Julia, 156588. Although she may not be what you are looking for, she offers a great standard for judging profiles. She is from a smaller town and by all her photos and descriptions has much to offer. She also has a nice video which you can view.

So the choice is yours. It is enjoyable to view the “super model” types you will encounter. But at the end of the day, you are probably much better off with a worthy, sincere girl who wants to make you happy for the rest of your life.

Bob Wray


3 Reasons Why Asian Women Seek Foreign Husbands

3 Reasons Why Asian Women Seek Foreign Husbands

Each day thousands of Asian women seek foreign men for husbands. Bud Patterson, international dating expert, examines in depth why Asian women are looking outside their country for love and marriage. Some of the answers may suspires you! This is valuable information when seeking Asian women.

Read Bud’s full article at: http://www.loveme.com/information/newsletter/3-Reasons-Why-Asian-Women-Seek-Foreign-Husbands.html

Don’t miss Bud’s weekly Monday conference calls where you can talk to the world’s international dating experts every week. This is an open discussion on foreign women dating . Also, now we are hosting the Latin women call every Tuesday Night. Call for a free Q&A session! Have all your Latin bride questions answered

Both calls start at 9:30 PM EST Just dial 1-(209) 689-0007 and enter passcode 103766 when prompted Once you’ve joined the conference, simply press 5 * to join the conversation!


Lonely Ladies in Odessa and Sumy


Here are the lists that Bud mentioned on last Monday’s call. Look them over and if someone appeals to you, send her a note. AFA will conduct romance tours to both Odessa and Sumy in April. However, Bud can set you up with an individual tour before then.

Two tips – it is best to start writing a few weeks before you go. Also never concentrate on only one girl. Have at it and be sure to tune in to Renee’s call this evening.



Gentlemen Again, thank you for listening in last night – here is the list of ladies from Sumy who are getting little or no attention.  Sumy is a little out of the way, but it’s truly one of the magical cities in Ukraine I would love to just spend a year in.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to write some really sincere and lonely ladies! Bud Hello Bud, I hope you are fine in spite of any daily troubles. I am sure you do remember our conversation in Sumy back to 22nd of September when the social took place here. It took time till I am sending you the list of all women who are seriously interested in life partner. Now I am sending you the list of the ladies from my agency so that you could offer those to the men you spoke about. Please let me know that you have got the email. I will appreciate that a lot! Have a productive and pleasant week!!)) Tanya Sumy10 158794 157980 157790 156721 156325 155958 153877 153393 151186 151185 151009 150172 150002 149020 148280 144900 144365 142536 141719 139082 138945 136202 134589 133561 131530 124470 120870 120541 118947 116868 116821 116820 116542 113201 113191 112437 112055 111768 111314 111083


Guys Thank you for hanging out with me on the call last night.  Man, we talked for 2 hours!!!  That’s crazy!!  I hope the information was helpful. As promised -here is a list of ladies who are getting NO LETTERS, NO DATES, NO ATTENTION at all – and our excellent and dedicated staff in Odessa will help you make a true connection if you want to reach out.  How many times have I told you guys that no one pays attention to the women over 30 no matter how lovely they are… and my poor Natali from the video interviews – remember her?  “Where would you like your future husband to be from?”  “Sweden, Canada, Norway – and TEXAS!”  LOL!  We talked about having an endgame, right?  We talked about not only writing but meeting the ladies you’re writing to for romance – true romance – right?  This is a great chance for you, guys.  It doesn’t get better than our Odessa staff working hard for you to meet someone.  Odessa is incredibly easy to get to, very affordable and a truly lovely old European city. GO MEET YOUR GIRL!! Good luck, Bud
Hello Bud, this is list of our nice beautiful ladies, who have no letters )   FROM ODESSA Julia  (158013) Svetla  (156865) Julian  (158961) Juliya  (158960) Inna  (158750) Natali  (156715) Yana  (157115) Tatyan  (158757) Daria  (156319) Tatyan  (158014) Anasta  (158920) Svetla  (159092) Nataly  (159146) Medina  (159179) Nataliya  (150411) Marina  (151382) Anasta  (157751) Liana  (158083)  Anasta   (158954) Ekater  (159289) Elena  (159323)




In this endeavor, trust is everything. You are spending your hard earned money and valuable time in order to make perhaps the most important decision of your life – seeking a life partner.

If you are attempting to do this internationally (and you should), it can be incredibly complicated and full of risk. This is precisely where you will need people who you can trust to help. The Internet is fraught with insincere companies that only want to take your money by luring you into meaningless chats and paying girls to write letters to you that you will never meet.  Believe me, I know firsthand that the profiles on AFA are the real deal and they are here to find the right guy and never get paid.

Forgive me, but I will get a bit personal here. I am not an employee of A Foreign Affair. I began my journey several years ago just like yourself. I have been fortunate to become close friends with everyone at AFA and I have learned a great deal. I try to help where I can for one reason – I want you to succeed.

I can tell you that everyone I have met is honorable and worthy of your trust. I will say that in this business, that is very rare. Consider their unusual business model. They want to help you all they can and then they want you to find happiness and no longer need their services. Of course they hope that you will tell others.  I ask you, what company does that? Certainly not cell services!

If you ever want to speak to me about this, it would be my pleasure. Simply send Bud Patterson an email at bud@loveme.com.

I sincerely wish you well.



3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!


3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!

So, you’re the average single or divorced American guy. You’ve had your life and financial situation redefined, you lived through thee emotional Armageddon of a break-up and you’re looking down the road ahead. You know you don’t want to be alone as you go forward, but as you look around at your local dating options, there’s not much happening. Do you realize this is the exact position millions of men like you will find themselves in every year? Sadly, dating limbo is a place many men will find it hard to get out of once they enter in. So, once you’re stuck in the dating doldrums, how to you get yourself unstuck? How do you find your next great life-partner? Good news! She’s already looking for you!

Have you considered expanding your search for someone beyond your own backyard? The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, thanks to a lot of user-friendly technology. International dating sites, which specialize in introducing American men to foreign ladies from around the world, host profiles of thousands of lovely, educated, marriage-minded women of all ages. China, The Ukraine, The Philippines and Colombia are just some of the more popular places to find and meet such ladies – usually in very high numbers. Wondering why thousands of international ladies might be looking for a man outside their own culture and surroundings? Here are:

3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!

 Ukraine, The Philippines and Colombia are just some of the more popular places to find and meet such ladies – usually in very high numbers. Wondering why thousands of international ladies might be looking for a man outside their own culture and surroundings? Here are:

3 Reason Why Foreign Women Are Looking For You Right Now


1. You are available. You see, in some countries like Ukraine, there’s a shortage of eligible men; actually – of all men. Women in Ukraine outnumber men by about 5 million, according to recent government sponsored sources. Yes, that includes all women of all ages – but think about it. If the numbers are real – and they are – then, if every man of all ages in Ukraine got married and stayed married, there would still be 5 million unmarried females. To make matters worse for Ukrainian girls – beauty is no commodity to any girl there at all. The women of Ukraine are, indeed, lovely thanks to a great set of genes and a lifetime of healthy eating and exercise. So what happens in a country where there are millions of beautiful “surplus” women with no life-mate? As one Ukrainian girl from the port city of Nikolayev once said, “Even the nice guys have a hard time staying faithful here.” Divorce in Ukraine is more common and much faster than many other countries due to infidelity and bad habits of Ukrainian men. By their mid-twenties, many Ukrainian girls have lost all faith in their local men as life-mates. This is where you come in.

2. You are reliable. You’re reliable, that is, if the words ‘responsible,” “employed,” “monogamous,” “considerate,” “compassionate,” “predictable,” and “stable” describe you. There is a very real and sizable opportunity for you to find an exceptional foreign woman to spend your life with. There are many qualities about you a foreign girl will find attractive but none so much as your reliability. If you think about it, when you succeed in finding and falling in love an international lady, the end result of that courtship is going to be a complete redefinition of her life, and possibly her child’s life, in order to come home and live with you. Despite the common misconception of so called mail-order-brides as poor and desperate women living in mud huts waiting for any Neanderthal to come and save them, the relocation period just before marriage is often tenuous and challenging as couples adjust to life together. It’s also a time of great love and romance as long as you’re ready to provide for someone new in your life. Most men who come to the international dating realm are quite responsible and ready. They want to be more than husbands, they want to be heroes. Foreign brides want heroes.

3. You’re positive. The truth is, what’s wrong with men in many countries is not all their fault. In Ukraine and The Philippines, for example, men find it difficult to make a reliable income and provide consistently for their families over time. There are not as many opportunities and few government bodies who can effectively deal with corruption which seeps into every level of society. Not only are earnings low, but paying bribes for routine things like timely healthcare, home repairs, and access to schools for children will eat up savings quickly. Foreign men will pick up bad habits like drinking as a way of escaping understandable frustration with daily struggles they have little control over. American life is more predictable, thank goodness, and our attitudes as productive men often reflect that. Foreign girls will often feel sorry for their men, and for their people in general, but will choose to marry American in order to escape frustration and hopelessness.

This is extremely good news to an increasing number of American men who see no reason anyone among them should not be able to meet, fall in love with and marry an international girl. Internet-based international dating and marriage agencies offer men a chance to let technology show them the way to HER, as every week thousands more foreign girls fill out applications to go online and find love. You may be struggling to solicit interest from someone at the local bar, but you just might be what lovely foreign lady has in mind.

Join me each Monday evening, starting 9:30 EST, for a live phone conference about international dating and marriage! Get your questions answered! Dial (209) 689-0007 and, when prompted, enter conference code 103766. You can then press 5* to join the queue to ask your questions or sit back and enjoy!



90 Day Fiancé – The Learning Channel – Update

90 Day Fiancé – The Learning Channel – Update


I posted twice earlier about this show, but I thought that I would give you an update along with some observations. As I said before, I really think you should take the time to watch an episode or two as you will learn a great deal about what NOT to do. Please remember, this is reality TV. They look for conflict and problems in order to keep the audience interested. I know for a fact that they pay very little to the couples in order to participate. So here we go.

First up are Alexei, 27 from Israel (although he was born in the Ukraine) and Loren, 27 from New York. One thing that is consistently positive about all the couples is that they met in the foreign country. A solid lesson for everyone. Letters will not do the job. She can’t come to you without a visa, so you must go to her.

The problems they are facing are many. In order to save on expense, they must move in with her parents in Florida in a small crowded condo. Not only that but Alexei is not able to work while on the visa, so Loren and her parents must support them. Alexei is very homesick and Loren feels guilty.

Next we have Aleksandra, 21 from Russia and Josh, 22, a Mormon from a small town in Idaho. They met while he was on a church mission to Prague. She was studying there and enjoyed club dancing and drinking. In order to marry Josh she converted and gave up her lifestyle and active city life.

She is having difficulty being accepted by his parents. In order to please her, Josh takes her to a lame Salsa event. He is not a good dancer and we learn that club dancing is very important to her. She Skypes with her best friend and dance partner in Prague and indicates that she wants to return. She also mentions that she feels she is too young to marry.

Then we have Mark, 58 from Maryland and Nikki, 19 from Cebu, Philippines. Besides the obvious significant age difference, remember that Mark’s ex was also from Cebu and left him with four children 20 years ago.

Mark is very set in his ways and has little time for Nikki. You will learn a lot from their last conversation. I don’t think they will make it.

Then there is Melanie, 33 a nurse from rural Pennsylvania and Devar, 28 a lifeguard from Jamaica. Melanie has an 11 year old son. We see them drive to Maryland to meet Devar’s mother. She is accepting but less than pleased that Melanie is Caucasian.  Also Devar has done a lot to support his mother and his six siblings. Now of course he is unable to work and has no money. Melanie’s sisters are very critical of the engagement and feel that Devar may be using her to come to America. There is a serious blowup when Devar reveals that he will send 90% of his future income back to his family, something that obviously should have been discussed beforehand. Again, I question whether this match will succeed.

The new couple is Fernando, 39 from Miami and Carolina, 22 from Medellin, Columbia. He was married before and the divorce was the result of him being unfaithful. She knows about it. Carolina is very frustrated because the Visa process in taking an unusually long time. This is partly because he did not submit all the necessary documents. His parents live with him in his house and his mother has serious doubts about the living arrangements.

When he meets her parents in Columbia (after one year), they do not trust him because the Visa process is taking so long. One advantage is that he speaks fluent Spanish.

Well, again I suggest that you view this series and observe the mistakes that are made. The central issue is that honest discussions about all issues should take place before ever applying for the K1 Visa.