Why Ukrainian Women Are Not Satisfied with the Men of their Country


Have you ever wondered about why these beautiful Ukrainian girls are not satisfied with the men of their country? Well, let’s go right to the “horse’s mouth” so to speak. Here is an actual quote from a very attractive Ukrainian girl that tells the story better than I could. Lesson? We need to be and I assume that you are the exact opposite of what these guys have to offer. Enjoy.



I really don’t like Ukrainian men. They do not appreciate what they have, they want more and more. They usually take care only about themselves, lazy, with a lot of bad habits. A lot of Ukrainian women try to work, to do all duties about the house and even rise up the children themselves. NO HELP FROM THEM! They can be thankful for these things and love them for what they do to give it to them. But Ukrainian men have become spoiled to this and it almost seems like they demand more. That’s why I am looking for the foreign man and relocating in another country is not a problem for me. I hope that my man will appreciate my efforts more than Ukrainian guys. They usually miss take care and treat the women in our country! Do you have the same problem with the women in your country?

“Love Me – The Documentary” – A Review

“Love Me – The Documentary” – A Review


If you have NetFlix or know someone who does, do yourself a favor and view this great film. There is a lot to learn. The producer, Johnathon Narducci, followed several guys just like yourself that went on tour to the Ukraine. Over a two year period the film honestly shows the “good, bad and ugly” aspects of international dating. So, here is a synopsis of the stories followed by some observations for your benefit. We will introduce the participants without telling you too much so you can enjoy the film, no “spoiler alert”.

The film tells the stories of six men who went on romance tours to the Ukraine. This is balanced by commentaries from John Adams, the CEO of A Foreign Affair and from yours truly. Let’s meet the guys:

Robert from CA. Robert is in the construction business. He met a girl named Vita in Odessa. After meeting her he returned to meet her family and proposed. Eventually he applied for a K1 visa.

Eric from TX. This is one of the best documented stories. He met Inna in Poltava. You will meet her family and his. What is really interesting is that you will witness parts of her K1 interview in Kiev.

Bobby from VA. A government worker who became focused on one girl from Kherson and wrote her a lot of letters over 8 months. He went on tour with the sole purpose of meeting Julia. You will see what happens.

Ron from NC. I’ll let you learn about his story for yourself.

Travis is a dairy farmer from Wisconsin. He met a girl named Victoria in Odessa. Although he tried, things did not work out for him.

The last client was Michael from Australia. He was not an AFA member but worked with another agency in his country. He made a lot of mistakes with a girl named Sveta from Kiev. You can learn a lot about what not to do from his story.

Well, I hope you can view this fine film in the near future. There is much to learn. A few points:

Never write endless letters. Instead save your money and go to the country of your choice. There is simply no substitute for meeting a girl in person.

Don’t focus on one girl to exclusion of anyone else. There are about 40,000 profiles on AFA from countries around the world.

I’ll write more later after you have had a chance to view the film for yourself.



Air Travel to Ukraine

Air Travel to Ukraine

Guys, a few tips if you plan to go on the November 26th or the February 4th Romance Tour (and you should!). Both of these tours begin in Kiev. Recently Ukraine has forbidden Russian air traffic to their country. If this occurs Aeroflot will be affected. Typically they offer flights to Kiev and other cities from the US with a connection to Moscow.

The good news is that Ukraine International is now offering non-stop travel from JFK to Borispol in Kiev for less than $600. Of course if getting to New York is not convenient for you, KLM, Delta and Turkish offer connections.

Check through Kayak.com or FlyUIA.com (Ukrainian Air).

Good luck!


John Adam’s New Blog on the Medellin Tour

John Adam’s New Blog on the Medellin Tour


Be sure to watch John’s new blog about the recent Medellin Tour. I am sure that you have seen many of his video blogs (if you haven’t, you should). However I have never seen him so excited as in this one.

He will tell you about upcoming videos including the visit to an orphanage and a revealing panel of five women who will “tell it like it is” in order for you to be successful in any country, not just Columbia.

Just go to loveme.com and click on the “AFA Blogs” in the center and enjoy. Keep an eye out next week for more to come.


The Lowdown on Letters

The Lowdown on Letters


One of the most confusing issues when engaging in international dating during the search for romance is correspondence. I have heard many questions over the years. So I thought that I would do what I could to help you.

First, understand that the income from correspondence is a key source of revenue for almost all of the agencies one can find on the Internet. Sometimes it is well meaning, but sadly too often it is not.

Letter writing is a tool and nothing more. In the best circumstances it can be very valuable. However, too often it is a simply a way to separate well-meaning guys from their money with no assurance of the happiness we all seek.

Unfortunately the vast majority of guys who are interested in international women are satisfied with a lengthy exchange of letters and nothing more. I have met men who have done this for twenty years and spent thousands in the process. Of course everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. Who am I to judge? Some guys love to gamble.

However, I am interested in the guys who have the “right stuff” and want to find that special someone and share their life.

Some obvious advice first – work with a domestic agency that has been in business for many years and is transparent. Current references should be readily available. I try to do competitive analysis to this end. Always ask if tours are available. I freely admit that there is only one agency that offers this – A Foreign Affair.

Let’s talk about correspondence. As I said it is a valuable tool. However, NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN UNTIL YOU MEET THE LADY FACE TO FACE! Your correspondence should only contribute to this end. So, what is the best way to achieve success?

If you have registered with AFA (and you should – it is free). You will begin to receive “intro” letters from all over. Understand that while you have the advantage to browse any of the 45,000 profiles on loveme.com, the women cannot. This is for your protection. However, if a lady visits one of the many offices around the world she will be able to view your profile and photos. Given her busy life and difficult transportation, this is rare.

So, intro letters are written with the hope that you or others might find the girl interesting and respond. On the surface this is innocent, especially given the competition they face. But if you are fifty years old and receive letters from a twenty year old from a country that does not interest you, perhaps you will scratch your head and wonder why. Now you understand.

There is good news if you find this tedious. AFA offers a simple way to eliminate these letters. All you have to do is go to the “Members Area/Login” and click on the “My Info” section. At the bottom you will find a selection entitled “I do not want to receive introduction letters (women who have written to you first)”. Once you select this, you will no longer receive intro letters if that works for you.

Now let’s discuss letters that you wish to write to ladies that interest you. Rather than attempt to paraphrase, I will quote AFA’s procedure for writing letters.

Your email letter is received by one of our foreign offices; our professional translators translate your letter from English and notify the woman that a letter has arrived for her. She is given the option to have the letter read to her over the phone, or she can have the letter mailed to her, or she can come to the office and pick it up. When the woman receives her letter, she can immediately submit a response, either over the phone, or through the mail. The letter is then translated into English and forwarded to you. Please note: due to IMBRA (U.S. Federal Regulations for International Marriage Agencies/Introduction Services) you cannot exchange personal contact information with the women via Express mail until she signs your IMBRA form. Any contact information will be deleted until that time. Once the woman comes to the office and signs the IMBRA form you are then free to exchange personal contact information. IMBRA is a U.S. Federal Law that applies to this company no matter what country that YOU reside within.

The cost of the service:

  • $9.99 per page ($7.49 for Platinum Members) More Info
  • $3.50 for sending a photo along with your letter More Info
  • Free translation of your letters. EVERY Letter (to and from) is TRANSLATED FREE OF CHARGE!!

If the woman does respond to you via the Mail Forwarding system you will be sent a regular e-mail advising you that you have a response waiting. The fee to open her response to you is only $9.99 per page, (3,000 characters including spaces) and $3.50 for each photo she sends. Due to IMBRA regulations, all contact information will be removed from outgoing and incoming letters until the woman has visited her local office in order to view the client’s background form and sign the necessary paperwork. It is up to the woman when/if she will do this.

I understand that this is a lot of information. You may ask why is the cost for opening a letter and sending a reply so high. Please understand that workers must translate each letter and attempt to notify the lady. Also, a reasonable profit is included.

Here is my advice to the guys who are serious about finding a life partner. Resist the temptation to become a “keyboard Romeo”. Rather decide what country/city you intend to visit and when. Once you make this decision, identify several ladies in each city that interest you. Send each of them letters a few weeks before your departure. State in the subject line of your letter when you will be in her city. I assure you that this will set you apart from the many letters she will receive. Once you arrive, the tour leader and local staff can easily assist you with arranging a meeting.

I hope this has been helpful. I wish you the best. CARPE DIEM! Get off that couch and book a tour that may change your life.