Patience and Persistance


Here is a great story and a lesson for us all. This is Joe, a nice enough guy. He went on tour to Ukraine with John Adams in 2012 and fell in love with a girl – terrific. Only there were some obvious issues that John spoke to him about. She was probably too young. Joe continued to pursue the relationship, but it did not work out.

Joe returned home and did some self-evaluation, but he did not give up. There is the lesson – patience and persistence. After three years he went on tour again, only this time to the Philippines. Last week Joe was married and here is the wedding picture.

The countries are not the issue, but the chacteristics are.  Many guys would give up after a few months or a year. Joe had the courage to try again. Something to think about.

Get off that couch and change your life. I wish you the best.


A Great Letter from a Client

Hi Guys!

Bud Patterson received this letter from Scott that I hope you enjoy.


My trip here in the Ukraine is winding down and I wanted to take a moment to extend my sincerest appreciation to the entire AFA staff and its affiliates. A special thanks to both Joe and Anna. They were terrific and it was a pleasure getting to know them both.

The AFA tour has truly been a life changing event for me. It far surpassed anything I had imagined it could be. I’m a guy that believes he has a lot to offer, but like so many men, I lack the confidence or perhaps the persistence it takes to meet the very best women America has to offer. This certainly was not the case in the Ukraine. I was absolutely amazed by the number of beautiful and quality women that attended your AFA socials. I found almost everyone to be friendly, approachable and genuinely interested in getting to know me. This experience built a confidence in me that has never appeared in my 43 years. I cannot thank you enough. It all started with you, and your responsiveness to all my initial questions and concerns. I made the leap based on my conversations with you. Best decision I ever made.

I’ve been on many dates the past two weeks and have narrowed my search down to three very beautiful and quality ladies with whom I will continue to communicate with upon arriving back in the states.
I will undoubtedly return to the Ukraine soon to further develop these relationships or perhaps begin some new ones. In the end, I want to find that one special lady that I can call my wife.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to the traditional forms of  dating I’ve grown accustomed to before finding AFA.
I’m confident now that the woman of my dreams lives in the Ukraine and I will be reaching out to your office soon to discuss my next trip and how I can utilize your services again.
It’s truly been a pleasure dealing with a class organization.

Scott M.

Now it’s your turn to get off that couch and find your wife in any of the countries where AFA leads tours