5 Reasons Cebu City Holds The Key to Your Life Mate Search!

Hi Guys,

I know that many of you have set up profiles on loveme.com (and you should, it’s free). However, a few of you may not see the great emails Bud sends out on a regular basis. So, with his permission, I will post them for you.

This one is great if you are curious about the Philippines. My cousin married a girl from Cebu a while ago and she is a doll. I try to dial in on the Wednesday night calls at 9:30 EST. You use the same process as Bud’s Monday calls listed below. You have a chance to actually speak to the girls! So, here it is. Enjoy.



5 Reasons Cebu City Holds The Key to Your Life Mate Search!

Not happy with your love life? Looking for someone to share your future with? If you haven’t yet found her in your hometown maybe it’s time to take your search to a more exciting, exotic level. Go global! Thousands of men have tried international dating and marriage with great results!

Sure, you’ve heard of so-called “mail-order-brides,” and the sites that offer curious guys a chance to meet elite, model-quality women from countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Colombia. Of course, there really are no mail-order-brides but there are a number of highly successful introduction services, like Phoenix-based www.loveme.com, which have been pointing out the advantages of international dating and marriage for nearly 20 years. Any sporty and erstwhile guy can board a plane going in any direction away from US soil and potentially find love. A closer look at the options, however, reveals a very exciting trend happening in a very warm and sunny paradise! Cebu,

5 Reasons Cebu City, Philippines Holds the Key to Your Life Mate Search:

1.Tens of thousands of women are searching for love there. As you can see from the search engine results at sites like www.loveme.com, there is no shortage of single, attractive Filipina ladies signing up to find foreign husbands. Filipina women find foreign men a promising option to make up for a shortage of local guys looking to settle down and start a family. The creation of online personals sites has led to a booming number of men traveling to Manila, Cebu and other cities to meet literally tens of thousands of potential life-mates.

2.They speak English. The one big hurdle for men to overcome while pursuing foreign women is the obvious language barrier if the girl does not speak English. How does one forge love and conduct a proper courtship where so much can be lost in translation or never translated at all? Not a problem in the Philippines – where over 90% of women speak English.

3.Filipina women have no hang-ups on age: Women of Cebu and other Philippine cities are quite open-minded regarding the age of their husbands. Age difference, in some cases may span more than a generation, though that may not be recommended. “The less life and relationship experience someone has the less reliably she may be able to make a commitment like this which not only involves marriage but relocation half way around the world.” says Bud Patterson, Vice President of A Foreign Affair, one of the world leaders in international introductions. “Obviously, we recommend guys look for someone no more than 15 years apart.”

4.Filipinos are famous for their polite, accommodating culture. Guys who have never left familiar shores will feel immediately comfortable in Cebu’s tourist-city culture. Restaurant menus are in English, shopping malls host American-themed stores, and typical touristy activities like snorkeling, island hopping, or visiting Cebu’s rich historical museums is easy, affordable and safe. There is also a well- developed community of expatriates from all over the world thriving in Cebu! “One girl even offered to help me buy my groceries!” one recent traveler reported to us.

5.Hundreds of Filipina women marry foreign men every year. As proof the process works and there is an actual tangible result to many men’s efforts, the American Embassy in Manila issues hundreds of fiancée and spousal visas each year. The process can take up to 6 months from original filing but that’s a minor sacrifice for couples planning to spend the rest of their lives together.

Cebu, and other Philippine cities such as Davao, are host to an increasing number of bride-seekers from all over the world each year. Nice guys, with traditional, family values and a healthy respect for women should consider Cebu among the best options for an exotic romantic adventure.

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Learning English for a Russian

Learning English for a Russian

Hi Guys,

Here is an issue you may not have considered. Many clients go to great lengths to learn some Russian, and they should. Even if you learn a few basic phrases on YouTube, you will please your dates. It is not about extended conversations, but respect.

Let’s reverse this. If you are lucky enough to establish a relationship that has a positive future, she will need to learn English. This is as difficult for her as it is for you. The languages are a real challenge.

However, there is help. In most cities in the Ukraine, your lady can sign up for English courses. AFA can help to ensure that these courses are valid and recommended.

Here is another idea. I found a useful book with 6 CDs that is designed for a Russian speaking person who wants to learn English. I purchased a new one on Amazon.com. There are more reasonable offerings of used as well.

Here is the link to help you.

Learn English the Fast and Fun Way for Russian Speakers with Audio CDs (English and Russian Edition) Audio CD – June 8, 2007

by Thomas Beyer Jr. Ph.D. (Author)

12 customer reviews

ISBN-13: 978-0764193002 ISBN-10: 0764193007 Edition: 2nd

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Price: $35.78

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Hope this helps. Whatever you do, get on a plane and go! There are two tours starting on November 19 or November 27 if you can book your own airfare. I would enjoy helping you along with Anna. Of course there are several tours in 2015 as well. Carpe Diem.


Travel for Ukrainian Citizens

Travel for Ukrainian Citizens

Hi guys,

Surprise! Ukrainians can travel to 43 countries without visas!  Some of them are in our hemisphere – in Central America or the Caribbean. I have been to the Dominican Republic twice and it was no problem. Here is a link that will detail where all these counties are.


The benefit, of course is that you can spend time with your lady before filing for the more restrictive K1 or Fiancée U.S. visa. If you have established a relationship, I can strongly recommend this idea.

Best of luck, but remember you can’t establish a relationship until you get on a plane and meet her!


November Ukraine Romance Tours

November Ukraine Romance Tours


I have a great suggestion for you today. If you have the time and money, I urge you to book this month’s tours to Ukraine. There are two and they can be combined if you wish. I have never seen prices so low!

One is to Kiev and Poltava – great cities. The other is to Odessa, Nikolayev and Kherson. This was my first tour back in the day and is wonderful. If you want to combine them, no problem.

The reason prices are so low is that you are responsible for your own airfare. If you have access to frequent flyer points – great! If not, no problem. I have never seen fares so low!

I fly out of JFK using Ukraine Airlines, sometimes  Turkish or Aeroflot. The cost? – $700! That’s half of what I have paid before. Check it out on Kayak or flyuia.com.

Not only that, but I will be partnering with one of my favorite people, Anna Vasilinko. She speaks perfect English and Spanish and really goes the extra mile to help clients. I remember her lining up dates for guys at 10:30 at night on the bus!

As far as myself, I’ll see you at breakfast and stay up until the last guy returns from his date at night. So, between the two of us and the great office staffs in the all the cities, you will be well taken care of.

I am sure that you have seen the recent media reports of trouble with Russia. It is limited to the far South-Eastern corner where we don’t go. I have been over three times this year and have never seen any problems. However, please watch on loveme.com for updates. AFA will do all that it can to ensure your safety.

The weather is fine. During the day it will probably be in the 30’s, a bit lower at night. While you may choose not to take a stroll with your beautiful date, you will be inside at the socials, restaurants or the fine hotel. So, no problem, just bring a jacket and some sweaters and you’ll be fine.

Not only that, but the holiday decorations will probably be displayed to everyone’s delight.

So, if you can manage it, please join us for a terrific time. Hey, you may easily meet your one and only! Anna and I will do our best to make that happen. I assure you that we have seen this happen more than once.

Here is a photo of us. Sorry, boys, she is happily married with a daughter! However, you have the chance to meet more beautiful ladies than you have ever seen! Just call the office and secure your place. I hope to see you there.


“Match Wizard” – A Useful Tool

Hi Guys,

Here’s a tip for you that I have been using for a while. Are you very busy? Have you decided about your criteria and the country that interests you? Then I suggest that you take advantage of the “Match Wizard” feature on loveme.com.

It is easy to find and register. You will see a link at the top of the home page. Once you click on it, you will be asked for your basic contact info. After that you can ask that qualifying ladies be sent to your email on a regular basis.

You can select age range, height, weight, children, smoking, drinking and of course country/city. It’s very useful. Who knows? Perhaps your one and only will be delivered to you next week!  Enjoy and always remember, nothing will happen until you get on a plane and travel to meet some of these 40,000 lovely ladies. Very few guys do so and worst of all, few ladies ever have a chance to meet anyone. Carpe Diem!

AFA Blogs

Hi Guys,

Today I want you to take advantage of the extensive offerings on loveme.com. Please pay special attention to the “AFA Blogs” on the home screen. John Adams and Bud Patterson have been very active lately and new blogs appear often.

Bud currently has two on the Philippine tours and Intro letters. John has a current one on Courtship and the K-1 process. If you scroll down past the current offerings you can view dozens of past blogs going back to 2011. It would take you hours to view all of these, but I suggest that you do.

John’s new blog on Courtship is especially interesting as he shares some of his own experience and offers great advice to avoid common pitfalls. John just added one today that explains the Club Tour option if a Romance Tour is not your choice.

Now that AFA is settled in their new headquarters, I think we can all look forward to more blogs going forward.

Be sure to dial in to Bud’s Monday night calls. The instructions are on the home page of loveme.com.

Also, I encourage you to view the “90 Day Fiancée” program on The Learning Channel. They are showing their second season now. It appears on Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST in my neighborhood. You can learn a great deal by observing some of the obvious mistakes that are made in these six relationships.

Also, have you viewed the 2015 tour schedule yet? It is available for your consideration.