September Ukraine Tour – 9-22-12

September Ukraine Tour – 9-22-12
Well our tour continues today as we board the comfortable coach bus to make the four hour trip from Kiev to Poltava, but it well worth it as I’ll describe later. The guys are still charged up from lots of dates and the memory of the Kiev social. As always we left one happy guy behind to continue building his relationship with a special someone he found. It is so interesting how often this happens, although we encourage everyone to try to attend all of the socials.

There is lots of friendly conversation going on during our ride, but a number of guys are totally wiped out and sleeping. Two of our group just got in from their dates at 6 AM! And they were bowling of all things – that’s right. That and billiards are very popular over here, but the establishments are more like upscale discos, than the style of alleys we are used to. There are always stories to be shared and good natured joking. It is amazing how everyone bonds around a common goal, no matter where they are from. We have guys from Norway, Mexico, Australia, Canada and all parts of the US, of course.

After traveling over the rich farmland of the Ukraine we arrive in the quaint city of Poltava. It is like a New England college town with tree lined streets. We can walk everywhere. The town is having a big birthday celebration with fireworks. After checking in and cleaning up we head down to the lobby to meet a dozen or so of our lovely interpreters and walk one block to the upscale venue for our social. It is a new club with lots of room and seating and an outdoor patio. The best part is the 250 ladies that show up to meet our clients. By the way there are 37 on this tour, plus a few old friends who show up to just enjoy a great social. So, there are the odds for you.

I have described the activities at the socials for you before and it is similar here. At the end of the evening many walk down the street to the popular Karaoke club to continue the party until the wee hours. Wow.

Well I am finally able to take off my shoes and write this for you. As always, we wish all of you could be with us to enjoy this, but perhaps the next time.

There will be a full day and evening of dating on Monday, the 23rd. Lots of guys have made plans already. More later.


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September Ukraine Tour – 9/21/12

Ukraine September Tour – 9/21/12

Well guys, we had a great social in Kiev tonight. It is so much fun watching the clients enjoy their first social. They are astounded by the number of lovely ladies that come dressed in their best to meet our guys. I’ve described it before, but here is how the evening goes.

At first the music is low and the lights are up so couples can chat and everyone can circulate and meet as many as possible. The interpreters are busy going from table to table helping the clients with the ladies they have met. It is hard to get through the crowd to get a drink at the bar, although the tables are stocked with snacks and drinks. The ladies continue to arrive as they are able since many of them are just coming from work. All the guys have to do is stand by the entry and view the lovely parade as they stroll in. What is interesting is the variety – all ages, dress and appearance. There is someone for everyone’s taste.

As the evening progresses, you can see many pairing up and some moving from person to person. There is a talented MC who encourages the group to try and meet as many as they are able and about midway she arranges some amusing contests to entertain the crowd. Then the music comes up for dancing and it really becomes a party.

As the time comes to end the social, everyone finds their way downstairs and outside. Most of the clients have made some dates and move on the clubs or cafes as the night is still young. Many have phone numbers and email addresses in their pockets and even dates for the next day.
I write this as I am winding down from the night’s activities. It feels great to take off my shoes! Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a full day and evening of dating for the guys. The hospitality suite and the talented staff will be on hand to set up dates for those that want them. What could be better? We wish you were with us as it is a great group of guys. More tomorrow.


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Kiev Tour – 9/20/12

Kiev September Tour – 9/20/12

Hi Guys,
I’m back. I will be blogging this tour to Kiev, Poltava and Sumy for you. Well, we are off to a great start. We arrived yesterday with about 25 great guys to beautiful weather and high expectations. Everyone is jazzed about the social tonight. Of course, I will write about it tomorrow. I’m sure there will be great stories – there always are.
Bud Patterson is headed up from the Odessa tour by train in a few hours. He has about 8 dual tour clients with him. We will then be up to full strength. It is nice to have Anna from the Phoenix office with us. She’s a lot of fun and can also help with the Russian.
The hotel is great and I love this city – the capital with 6 million people. The social should be packed with over 200 lovely ladies. I wish you could be here with us. Bud and I plan to take lots of interviews of the ladies and the tour clients for you. Well, more tomorrow after the guys have their first social under their belt.


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The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – September 3, 2012
Ukrainian citizens, especially younger women, are restricted as to where they may travel. There are circumstances when a lady may get an international passport for work, etc., but this is not typical. However, if the lady has a regular passport, there are a number of countries including Turkey and Egypt they are free to visit. The good news is that the Dominican Republic is among them. This Caribbean island is shared with Haiti and is beautiful. Everything you have heard about these islands is true here.
What is great is that she can fly there and meet you for a great vacation. This assumes, of course, that you have a solid connection with her and have dated her several times. If you and she decide to do this, it couldn’t be easier. You can book and pay for her flight and the hotel, provide her with some spending money for the trip and her transportation, then book your own flight from the US. You will want to arrive a few hours before her to ensure her comfort.
This is precisely what I am doing this week. We will stay at a beautiful all-inclusive (meals) resort in Punta Cana. I was able to get a direct flight from Atlanta on Delta. She flew through Paris on Air France. I am writing this on the flight and really looking forward to a great time.