Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian Women

There is nothing an American man can do to prepare him for an encounter with a Ukrainian woman. Yes, there are photos and videos on our site. However, many men refuse to believe that they could be real – they are.

First of all, these are Slavic women. This culture embraces several European races including Polish, Russian and Swedish among others. This manifests itself in green eyes, trim bodies and blond hair. It is very rare to see an overweight or even obese Ukrainian woman. Private cars are expensive and rare, so they walk frequently. The result is obvious. There is also a Tartar influence which produces dark hair and eyes.

Ukrainian women dress to impress. Competition is fierce as there are 4 million more women than men in a country of 40 million. They would never leave their flat without looking their best, even in the morning. They value and pride themselves on their feminine qualities. They really favor high heels and boots (not an advantage for shorter guys).

When a woman reaches her late 30’s, especially if she has a child, it becomes difficult to attract men because of the vast number of younger women available.

Because life is challenging, women mature more quickly philosophically while holding their beauty. A woman at the age of 30 will typically possess the maturity of a 40 year old woman in America, where life is much easier.

What is interesting is that they are raised and expected to be good wives and mothers. Career comes a distant second. They pride themselves on their ability to cook, sew and keep a “cozy” home. If they have a job, they will work 10 or more hours a day, six days a week. It is similar to the role women assumed in the 1950’s in America. It’s a bit like dating June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver.

Realize, though, that they are well aware of life in America due to our films, shows and videos which are readily available.

Since university education is all but free to those with the grades to benefit, they are well educated and value culture. Also, they are taught to value age as an assurance of stability.

So why don’t they simply marry among the men in their own culture? Well, sometimes they do. Sometimes it works out, but often it does not. Ukrainian men clearly can have their pick. Good work is difficult to find. Alcoholism is a big problem. Men typically die in their fifties. No wonder the women are attracted to Western men.

So, it comes down to a “quid pro quo”. Western men, regardless of looks, age or occupation offer faithfulness and stability. The women offer youth, beauty and domestic skill. No wonder many have found happiness. Of course, at the end of the day, it comes down to two people finding a match between them. Also there are complications and a bit of risk. Is it worth it? Many think so. It’s up to you. Best of luck.

Poltava May 28

Poltava 5-28-12

An early morning as everyone checks out, has breakfast (complimentary) and piles on the bus for the two hour ride to Poltava. Kharkov is a large, busy city and very exciting. Poltava is much smaller and provincial. It is lovely with tree lined streets. We will walk everywhere easily. The Palazzo hotel is very comfortable and accommodating. However, there will be a large number of ladies at the social. AFA has a permanent office here and a great staff.

The guys will discover a whole new experience and a wide range of opportunities. Those that did not find what they sought in Kharkov, may find it in Poltava, or even in Sumy later this week. That’s what is so great about these tours. No matter what your taste may be – an urban environment or perhaps a more quiet town, it is all here.

What is always interesting as far as the group is concerned is that some guys find a lady they are really interested in to the point where they wish to stay and not continue to the next city. This is, of course, their choice although we recommend that they continue in order to meet as many ladies as possible. So, off we go in a nice bus for a pleasant ride to Poltava. These trips are a lot of fun as the guys trade stories and good-natured kidding abounds. John Adams and Bud Patterson provide encouraging and useful comments on the bus microphone as we roll through the beautiful Ukrainian countryside. I can’t help thinking of rural Pennsylvania or the midwest.

When we arrive at the Palazzo (a lovely and accomodating hotel) at noon, we tumble off with our luggage and check in. A nice walking tour is scheduled for those interested.

At four we meet the interpreters – lovely young ladies who are English students and eager to help. Then it is off to the social at the excellent nightclub, the Podium – a brief walk from the hotel.

As in Kharkov, there are hundreds of lovely ladies to meet, dance with and hopefully date. This could occur after the four hour social or the next day. Many men took advantage of this, of course. The biggest problem is deciding who to speak with! I found myself lingering afterwards with a lovely lady I had been dancing with and set up what turned out to be a 10 hour date the next day. I was truly not alone.

And so with a second social under our belts and our confidence increased we head back to our comfortable rooms for a good night’s rest – we will need it.





Kharkov May 27

Kharkov 5-27

Ah, Sunday in the Ukraine. Many citizens must work on Saturday, so this day is special to families and others. However, that does not stop our clients from setting up dates from the social last night or calls made by the staff to other ladies in our catalog and on the site.

At the hotel, it is rare to see a guy enjoying a cup of coffee and having a conversation about how great the social was (although it was great). Everyone seems to be busy on dates. It’s fun to listen to the many stories, most just fine, some not so much. But that’s the way it goes. There is plenty of opportunity, but at the end of the day we are all responsible for our own happiness. It’s a bit of carpe diem. Most of the guys have taken advantage of what is readily available.

What is interesting is that preconceived expectations do not always match up with reality, once on tour. Also, the process enables guys to learn much about themselves and what is really important. Often it is not a 23 year old “super model”, but a good hearted lady who only wants to make the right man happy. Don’t misunderstand, beauty abounds and appears to endure for many years. It’s only an observation you may wish to consider.

And so it goes. We now have one city and social under our belt and head for Poltava early Monday morning. Since the social will be on Monday evening, it will be a bit hectic. There will be surely more tomorrow. Again, we all wish you were here with us to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Kharkov May 26

Kharkov 5-26-12

Wow! What a great day. We started out hanging out in the hotel office while the guys lined up dates and we prepared for the social – very busy. At 4 PM we boarded the bus and headed downtown to a very cool nightclub called Compass – amazing. It was decorated in a very contemporary fashion with a lighted dance floor. There were 22 guys and over 200 beautiful ladies waiting for us. Now those are odds any guy would appreciate. As a matter of fact the AFA staff bussed in 30 ladies from Poltava as they were concerned that they might miss the social when we travel there on Monday 5-28! The champagne flowed and the dance floor was packed. The biggest problem the guys faced was the overload of ladies. Who should I talk to? Many tables had 6-10 ladies just waiting for one of us to join them.

Each one of us had been provided with a nice booklet and pen to jot down contact information with interested ladies. I saw many men actively using this. As the evening drew to a close, lots of guys had lined up dates for later on and for Sunday, the 27th, yours truly included. Some had as many as three for the day. Again, I believe the biggest challenge they faced was who among the lovely ladies held the most interest for them. It is truly sensory overload.

If you have not availed yourself of one of these tours, what is holding you back? There are many tours here and in Latin America and Asia for the rest of the year just waiting for you. Personally this is my sixth tour, and I assure you I will return.

Well, now it is Sunday, the 27th and the weather is golden. We are all looking forward to our dates and you will get a complete report soon. There will be many stories – some glorious, a few perhaps disappointing or humorous, but that’s life. I hope all is well where you are ( you should be here with us!)

Poka, for now.

Kharkov May 25

Kharkov 5-25-12

Well, we tumbled off the Austrian flight and searched for our luggage. Unfortunately, two of us didn’t find it, but that’s life. Believe it or not, one of the guys had a beautiful lady waiting for him at the airport! She traveled to the hotel with us and even joined us at the orientation later. I have never witnessed this – cool!

After checking in at a very comfortable hotel recently built for the upcoming Eurocup (soccer, or football is as big as the NFL in America), we settled in to our rooms and joined the orientation at 6PM. The challenge was to stay awake until later that evening to adjust to the time difference (they are 7 hours ahead of us).

John Adams and Bud Patterson carefully discussed the critical details that everyone needed to know. Then we were joined by a dozen lovely interpreters who would be with us while we are in Kharkov. Each city will have a fresh group, of course. I cannot stress how important they are to our success. The majority of the ladies only speak Russian, so their services are critical. Fortunately, they were very accommodating and skilled. Their presence at the social the next day will be appreciated by all the clients. Of course, they will be available during the upcoming dates.

As all of us are very tired, it w an early evening, although some took advantage of the 24 hour bar in the lobby! Everyone is very excited for the social on Saturday. Those that are new to AFA tours are wondering what awaits them. Those of us who have enjoyed it previously just smile as we know how exciting it will be!

Kharkov Tour May 24

May 24, 2012

A cloudy, rainy day at JFK as our excited clients drifted in to gate 3 for the Austrian flight to Vienna and then to Kharkov. However, once we all gather at the hotel on the 25th, we will number 25 including John Adams, Ken Agee, Bud Patterson and yours truly. It is sure to be a tour to remember.

I always enjoy the interaction of all the clients upon first meeting. As individuals, they could not be more different – ages, occupations, home town and life circumstance. Yet, since the mission is identical, bonding occurs very quickly. The mood is heightened once stories begin to circulate among those who have traveled before and those who are on their maiden voyage. Questions abound and answers and opinions given.

I am reminded of returning from the Kiev tour in February. We were picking up our luggage at the same airport when my friend, Paul gave me a hug and said, “We came as strangers and leave as brothers”. This is exactly what happens each time. So what is it that binds us together? We have all dreamed, some for years, to travel over the sea to hope to find love. It is this belief that there is someone special waiting thousands of miles away to share a smile and a loving gaze to change one’s life forever that drives these men of good will to invest precious time and treasure.

So, now we all sit on a comfortable Austrian flight dreaming and hoping, many totally unaware of the fun and possibility that awaits all of us in the Ukraine – a land blessed with beautiful women who long for a sincere, loving relationship.

It is amazing that these women are willing to leave their family, friends, occupations and belongings to travel to a foreign country with a man with whom they have fallen in love. However, this scenario has occurred thousands of times in the past with overwhelming success. I sometimes wonder if the men would be willing to do the same if the situation where reversed? Interesting.

Well, having the benefit of enjoying several tours as a client and a leader, I know what awaits them and it makes me smile. I think of the joy in the faces of the clients who met that special lady and fell in love. I am eager to see how this plays out for these twenty two courageous men. I know that for each man who has taken this giant step toward happiness, there are thousands who unfortunately will never follow. Such a pity.

It is interesting that I have been party to two other tours when a film crew accompanied us. I have also viewed many other attempts to document what we do to varying degrees of success. Since we are dealing with human beings and relationships, there will, of course, be joy, heartache, the encouragement of future promise and occasional dejection. This is the nature of matters of the heart, no matter where it occurs.

And so now we sleep and dream at 600 miles per hour. We will awake in Vienna and there will be much more to our story.


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